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electric lift trucks, electric counterbalanced forklifts, electric Cat forklifts
Class I - Electric Counterbalanced
  2,500-4,000 lb Capacity
3-Wheel Pneumatic Tire
  3,000-4,000 lb Capacity
Pneumatic Tire
  3,000-4,000 lb Capacity
Cushion Tire
  4,500-6,500 lb Capacity
Cushion Tire
  5,000-6,500 lb Capacity
Pneumatic Tire
  7,000-11,000 lb Capacity
Pneumatic Tire
IC cushion forklifts, IC Cat forklifts, cushion tire forklift, IC Cat lift trucks
Class IV - Internal Combustion Cushion Tire
  3,000-6,500 lb Capacity
  7,000-15,500 lb Capacity
  8,000-15,500 lb Capacity
Paper Handling Chassis
IC pneumatic forklift, IC truck, IC pneumatic Cat trucks,
Class V - Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire
  3,000-7,000 lb Capacity
  3,000-7,000 lb Capacity - Mexico
  8,000-12,000 lb Capacity
  8,000-12,000 lb Capacity - Mexico
  15,500 lb Capacity
  22,000-36,000 lb Capacity
hand pallet, Cat hand pallet jack, Cat hand pallet truck
Hand Pallet
  Pallet Jack
Cat® lift truck dealers carry a complete line of material handling equipment to meet your needs. If your application requires Class I Counterbalanced Trucks; Class II Reach Trucks or Order Pickers; or Class III Pallet Trucks, Walkie Stackers or Tow Tractors, click here.



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